It is very important that everyone follows the new regulations, Football NSW will be visiting training sessions to ensure that we follow the new guidelines. If anyone is found to be violating these guidelines, you can be fined $5,000 and the club will receive a fine of $25,000.
Please take a look at the links below which lists all the return to training guidelines and restrictions.

Brief Summary of the Guidelines:
- No bikes are allowed in Colbee Park
- If you are feeling sick (have a cough, runny nose etc.) please stay at home
- You cannot arrive any earlier than 15 mins to the training session
- You must arrive dressed with soccer boots on, ready to train
- Upon arrival you must immediately go to the sign-in table on your designated field for training. There will be hand sanitizer for you to use
- There are no fill-up stations for your water bottle, so please bring enough for yourself. Water bottles must also have your name clearly displayed on it.
- If you bring a bag or any personal belongings to training, they will be placed 1.5m apart on the field.
- Please do not bring any soccer balls or any other soccer equipment with you
- Players under the age of 15, may have a parent assist them with the sign-in process but must not enter the field and stay on the outside of the fence
- No parent (unless you are a coach, parent or committee member) may enter the field

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